Tara Leaver

freedom through art

Want to make your art more ‘you’?

The secret is in the process :)

Tara Leaver

You want to express what's True

But how do you make art that is uniquely and clearly yours, not the art someone taught you or another artist inspired you to copy?

Tara Leaver

You want to loosen up

How do you stop getting tangled in rules and realism? How do you make art that feels free and expressive?

Tara Leaver

You want to love what you make

How do you make art you feel happy with, without the formal training or the old school approaches?

I have a few ideas ;)

Welcome to a place where you will be guided and encouraged to uncover,

explore, and fully develop the art that only you can make

“Please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing. I have learned so much from you, your courses, emails and kind words. Things that if I had heard them in high school when I first started studying art I would have continued with it and not left it for twenty years. I appreciate all that you offer as an artist and a mentor and I hope you never stop inspiring people to just give it a go….you have truly inspired me to keep going and I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement.”

Brooke de Canha

Choose your own adventure…

“Tara is so passionate about what she does and so generous in sharing her process, you can’t help but catch her enthusiasm.  And she leads by example – constantly seeking to learn and to grow herself.  She has a wonderfully approachable manner and never sets herself on a pedestal.  And she’s a total cheerleader, super encouraging….always happy to give help and advice.”

Helen Agarwal

Dixon Hill